CFA Program exam preparation – third approach

Many CFA Program candidates are considering study materials for the June exam. There are various options available. Some will prefer to read from the original official curriculum. While others may look for study guides from third party prep providers like Schweser, Wiley or Bloomberg. Some will look for the third approach which is supported by FinQuiz.

This third approach is a blend. Candidates read official curriculum page to page. Only one such reading is needed. Notes from FinQuiz are used for review and exam preparation. This enables candidates to learn all necessary concepts and yet retain enough information to excel in the exam.

Notes should be supplemented with practice questions. CFA Institute provides a number of practice questions as well as mock exams for level 1, 2 and 3. However, some students find these questions insufficient and feel the need for more exam preparation material.

Many third party prep providers offer additional practice questions. However, FinQuiz offers PDF files for ease of candidates. Many students are able to prepare for exam with more ease if they have access to downloadable PDF files which can be printed as well. 

Another important consideration is use of video lectures. Listening to an experienced instructor talking about finance concepts is a great way to improve understanding of difficult and technical topics. You need to like the accent of the teacher as total number of hours of videos can run into hundreds of hours and it gets very difficult to keep listening to a voice that you are not comfortable with. The lecturer may not sound like that lead singer from One Direction but at least should be pleasant and interesting.

Mock exams and summaries play a critical role in the last month of exam preparation and this is where your selection of prep provider may become important again.

You want to mix and match exams from different prep providers as no one has access to actual exams and all are trying to come up with their best guess of what is likely to be there on the exam day.

You can check list of prep providers approved by CFA Institute. The list separates online prep providers from live classes institutes.

One more factor to be considered is availability of time for your exam preparation. If you are starting early, you are in completely different position than someone who opens books in the last month. Completely different CFA exam study tools are needed in such situation. Candidate will not have time for reading thousands of pages and will rely on very short summaries to quickly go through all the readings.

Exams are always difficult and stress levels rise during the preparation and this may make you feel uncomfortable. This is part of the process and will enable you to focus your attention on important topics and leave out unnecessary and time wasting activities.

CFA Program exam consists of three levels

CFA Program exam consists of three levels. Level II exam is offered in June every year. Exam is divided in two sessions of three hours each. Exam is conducted on Saturday. Exam format is a story (vignette) followed by six questions. There are 20 such stories. Total number of questions is 120. CFA Institute does not release past actual exam papers. You can practice from sample questions provided by the Institute and from the online question bank available on the website of CFA Institute. Topics covered are ethics, economics, quantitative methods, financial reporting, corporate finance, equity, fixed income, derivatives and alternatives. Number of questions from each topic varies but generally is within the range of 2-3 for each topic area.

There are many third party prep providers with question bank for CFA Level 2. One of the most popular is Schweser. FinQuiz also offers pdf files of item set format questions for CFA Program. You can download sample files here:

Total number of questions in Level II is half of level one but that does not make it easier. Many students find Level II to be the most difficult exam of all three.

Level 2 of CFA Program exam

Analyst assessment with analysis substances in Prep provider. Choose from internet or live education and study tools. Though I agree that degree 2 is tough Prep for Success using Flex Study Packages, Classes online, Study Guides. Utilizing prep provider for my  journey was the best option.

You’re just one step closer to becoming a charterholder once you’ve passed the  Level I Examination! The next step is to pass the Level II. given that you are match on for Level II, then here’s a handful suggestions and strategies that worked for me personally when finding your way through Level II after passing the right.

Here is actually the distinction between failing and departure Level II. This CFA Level 2 Guide will be a complete glimpse into the level 2 Syllabus, assessment Tips, Pass Rate, Results, Sample Questions emerging from the exam. 

This prep class on degree 2 (100+ hours of videos) gives you an excellent foundation for Level two exam & helps you maneuver at the first attempt. Level II classes not merely educate you and understand how to apply your knowledge when answering 20 items. Forty-five percentage of applicants passed the exam. Pass Level II, study Effectively. 

Study programs will help you build a plan to review smarter and pass Level II. View Options. Those candidates enrolled for June 2019’s level II study will manage to likelihood of passing the level II examination. For 2019, the Exam Curriculum has also added a hot industry topic, Fintech, for example intelligence, data analysis and Big data. 

Prep provider has put together a handy sheet of the 2019 curriculum So without further ado to neglect the level 2 exam of the program. Details about the Program Level II exam involve assessment topics, examples of Level II exam questions, exam question arrangement and analysis session outlines. The exams (Levels I, II, and III) are available every June at test centers around the globe. The Level I exam is offered in December. Learn about the nuances of the Level II exam, which extends more detailed into portfolio concepts and investment management. 

The table shows the weights for many level 2 themes as of June 2019 exam. Note that the amount of questions in your exam might differ from the numbers given above, depending on the topic weights.  level 2 assessment questions are structured into item sets. Read more at

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Having your job with the certificates require keeping the job.

Maintaining a eloquent communication with superiors and your colleagues is fundamental for your entire company. Communication could be the only way to become able to indicate ideas for improvements, modifications, etc. It’s the essential tool in a business.

The best way to never get them is by simply applying and adhering the changes that are vital in order that they don’t happen. The perspective you may have just before a gripe is to put yourself. It will keep you from learning from errors. You require constructive criticism effectively and must be positive. Resolution Potential Communicative Capabilities The rate of which modifications are being introduced in the office, to administrative from technological modifications, we’re always being pushed to be careful and up-to-date and needs. Don’t whine about it.

Be amenable to changes and be more innovative with your approach. Team-work You have trainings that are necessary and the credentials. You have passed the interview and have been given the project. Congratulations, however, your job gets really started. Finding the job is 1 thing. Trying to keep it is another. There was a whole lot of rivalry for the occupation now and it is becoming even greater. Because of this, it is becoming harder to maintain your new-found job. Workers need to recycle and offer price to continue to keep their job.

So, simply just take note of how to make operation of one’s “soft knowledge” that are demanded by businesses. There are, as you are able to see. Having your job with the certificates require keeping the job. With this combination, you are unstoppable. It is an attitude that boosts well-being both for you personally and for coworkers.

Enthusiasm is contagious and improves the productivity. An enthusiastic employee can encourage other people to handle endeavors. This ability will probably reveal that you’re a pacesetter. Accepting Criticism, you must get used to managing pressure scenarios with pressure, also keeping tranquil. This helps you to get beforehand in difficult circumstances as you may demonstrate, and then change you may earn things into your vocation.

Getting better at job requires improving qualifications and this can be done by practicing for and passing professional exams. One such exam in finance is level 2 of financial analyst exam which is offered every June at test centers around the world. Level II exam is not offered in December. Level 2 is toughest of all levels.

Assembly the deadlines delegated is presently one of the issues valued by employers. Enthusiasm and endurance Your day to day activity is a learning option. It is completely normal to make mistakes every once in a while. All the criticisms you get on your office is going to soon be to continue developing and for the progress. To grow and achieve your goals you’ve got to create assurance that is superior.

The first thing to achieve objectives is to picture them, motivate yourself that one possibly can and, above all, work daily to reach it. You will achieve everything that you just imply. Positivity and Enthusiasm Previous to you must get a list of methods to address the issue, it is anything and can be a differentiator with respect to your colleagues.

Always create yourself a problem. Problem-solvers are valued as indispensable assets in the business. Flexibility and Adaptation Communicating and collaboration with other colleagues are becoming more and more significant conditions in companies.

The proper way to add your professional designations after your name

We all know that one guy with a slew of post-nominal letters (designatory letters) attached to their name, maybe even longer than their name. you know these people – John Doe, followed by ten designations. It could make you wonder what the purpose of your professional designations after your name really is, and if there is a common etiquette.

This article is written to particularly deal with that.

The first thing to say about this is that adding your professional designations after your name is beneficial for a number of reasons. You can easily demonstrate your expertise in the relevant industry, if properly used. You can also show your dedication to educating yourself.

However, just like any good thing, there is fair use. There are also proper orders of using them. For example, in the U.S., your professional designations are only one of the many other post-nominal letters that you can have attached to your name, depending on the situation.

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Adding your professional designations on your resume

Listing professional designations in the resume can be a simple task for some and a headache for others. It may be difficult for you to differentiate academic qualifications from certifications and not know how to reflect them in your CV.

Separating these qualifications in your CV will make it easier for recruiters to see your academic qualifications and your professional designations. Doing this can help you get noticed and hired.

It is a reality that many job seekers have the same academic achievements. So, adding your professional designations in a clear, specific manner as uniquely as possible will help prove your worth and commitment to a potential employer.

Professional designations certify that you possess the all skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a specific task and handle a particular job role and that your knowledge has been rigorously proven through a test or practical assessment.

Professional designations, unlike the other skills listed on your resume, are granted by third-party organizations such as institutions, large companies and professional associations.

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Examples of professional desginations

One of the best ways you can try if you want to quickly build up credibility in your chosen profession is through professional designations. Professional designations are subtle stamp of approval and seal of recommendation from recognized institutions that the bearer has achieved a notable standard of excellence in their chosen field.

That is why you see them everywhere, from resumes to business cards and email signatures. Whenever you see things like CFA, CPA, GPHR, when a name is being written, that is a professional designation. Depending on your chosen profession, there are different professional designations that can help qualify your job.

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Top Professional Designations in Finance

The financial sector is a broad one and quite knit with a lot of checks and balances, as well as tons of methodologies. Hence, it is only just right that there are professional designations in place for professionals at different stages of their careers, beginner or expert. These professional designations do not only serve as acknowledgement that a finance person knows what they’re doing, it also sets them up for growth in the finance sector.

Here are some of the major professional designations in finance.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This is a financial designation that has grown to be a top choice for both employers and employees in the finance sector. The certification is issued by the CFA Institute. While it is often regarded as very tough to obtain, it is also a very premium professional designation and upgrades finance professionals who have it by a mile. To be a Chartered Financial Analyst, candidates must have had three years of university or college course and must have learned the rudiments of certain finance subjects like financial accounting, financial/investment analysis, etc. Professionals with CFA certifications often work as financial analysts or portfolio managers for institutions like banks and insurance companies amongst others.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

For financial planners, the CFP certification is the most acquired designation and is recognized internationally. This professional designation serves as evidence for an individual’s expertise in the area financial planning for estate, investment, insurance, retirement, tax, and education. The CFP is administered by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in the USA and by Financial Planning Standards Board outside the USA.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

The CPA certification is a valuable designation that validates a professional’s prowess in the area of tax, risk management, accounting (forensic), compliance, audit, etc. it is also the oldest financial certification in the United States and hence, its prestige. The designation can mostly be acquired by individuals who have received undergraduate education and a degree from a university. The additional requirements for CPA often change with states.

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

This is a professional designation for internal auditors. The Certified Internal Auditor certification is the only internationally recognized certification for internal auditors and is administered by the Institute 0f Internal Auditors (IIA).

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Risk managers in the finance sector would find the FRM certification very rewarding for their careers in risk management. The professional designation establishes risk managers as experts in different areas such as market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, etc. the FRM certification requires that candidates have at least an experience of two years working in the financial sector. As a result, the career possibilities of certified financial risk management are robust and includes financial analyst, portfolio analyst, portfolio management, and financial advisor.


These are just some of the many professional designations in finance. However, they are considered top of the chart for  any professional in the industry and like many designations, they offer ample career boosts or those who possess them.

5 USEFUL Ideas to Encounter A JOB INTERVIEW

Get All The Essential Information Concerning the Business For more and all these you have to have a response. Prepare for the most unexpected or unusual questions made out of the intention of throwing off you a bit of and catching you. We all are living in at which our evaluations play a significant role in just how information is interpreted by us, you can not miss out your chance to generate a first impact. 1st impressions are made depending on the very first image you hit. It is advised to present yourself well in planning and appearance. It’s very important that you realize the business in that you simply wish to begin or continue your career.

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You should plan properly to pass expert certification examinations.

However, professional certification examinations require that you provide your best and perform on just one day. This requires organizing your studies in a manner to facilitate inspection of notes on one day. One popular tool would be to undergo practice exams which mimic the real exam format and environment.

Students may learn about their examination preparation by taking these practice exams. Some commercial test prep providers make it possible for students to compare their own performance against other candidates. This may be good or bad. You should plan properly to pass expert certification examinations.

These exams are extremely different than university tests. In university exams, you look in 1 exam on a single day and if there are duties and projects as well as mid term examinations, the importance of final exam goes down considerably. Some students gain confidence in the clinic and are much better prepared to confront the real exam. Many pupils aren’t able to achieve this objective and find themselves at a problem as the test day approaches. Many test prep providers have developed tools and techniques to assist students in coordinating study material.