Adding your professional designations on your resume

Listing professional designations in the resume can be a simple task for some and a headache for others. It may be difficult for you to differentiate academic qualifications from certifications and not know how to reflect them in your CV.

Separating these qualifications in your CV will make it easier for recruiters to see your academic qualifications and your professional designations. Doing this can help you get noticed and hired.

It is a reality that many job seekers have the same academic achievements. So, adding your professional designations in a clear, specific manner as uniquely as possible will help prove your worth and commitment to a potential employer.

Professional designations certify that you possess the all skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a specific task and handle a particular job role and that your knowledge has been rigorously proven through a test or practical assessment.

Professional designations, unlike the other skills listed on your resume, are granted by third-party organizations such as institutions, large companies and professional associations.

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